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Our Plants

We are passionate that a nursery should be just that, a place where plants are propagated, nurtured and grown on in natural outdoor conditions to provide you with plants that will thrive in your own garden.

Our range of plants is eclectic, we grow what we like and what takes our fancy when looking through plant and seed catalogues. Most are easy to grow in any garden though some may need a little more care and attention. What we offer will continue to change and grow over the years to come to ensure there is always something new and exciting, both for us to grow and you to buy.

If you need any advice in what to choose or where to plant it there will always be somebody here to help you.

In addition to the large range of herbaceous perennials we grow here on site we stock a range of trees from the excellent 'Trees For Life' nursery and bedding plants from our supplier in Lancashire.